Hi, I am Silviu.

Creatively Serious Digital Designer.

I stand next to the thought that Design is a solution to a problem. I believe the best solution is found when you ask the right questions. Over the past years, I have undertaken a variety of roles in digital design, UI/UX design, digital and email marketing, front-end design and project management. 

Skills and Interests

Some things define me professionally better than others. While I learned pretty much everything I know by myself and I still look back at the time when Flash was among favourite stuff to explore, below are a few of my current interests.

Digital Design

Visually creative and technical skilled, I would spend hours researching, analysing and optimizing workflows before really digging into the real design.

Mobile UI Design

Keeping the essential in an interface is a challenge. Challenge is also to make it an awesome experience for the user considering the context. 

Digital Marketing

From concept to releasing something in the wild wild west (www) I need to understand all the up and downs, ins and outs of every stage. 

Design Systems

Yeah, I know that with all the Design Systems out there, creativity might suffer. But that is why I think this really needs the best attention. For me it's a challenge.

Employer Branding

Working with the HR departments brought me into another great challenge: making sure the companies perception, outside and inside is what they need it to be.


This is something to still explore. I always am interested in designing innovative navigations and having clear user journeys.

Awards & Recognition

"Silviu always had an innovative problem-solving approach, with the ability to take the most daunting task and make steady progress, never faltering over the curve balls we threw at him."

Fee Sue, Marketing Leader

Side Projects

The most important result of all these projects I started along my professional career as side projects is the learning experience. Nothing can beat that.

This was the first romanian IT job board portal. It won the Special Prize offered by Microsoft at the Internetics Festival.

Mobbiq was relying heavily on my Flash expertise and I learned a lot about how to use that for different mobile apps.

OneClick was a framework able to create email campaigns. The lesson here was that it's not enough to only have a tool.

"VizualResume" received a lot of exposure since it was a unique idea: a visually gallery of awesome resumes collected from around the globe.

The ambition with this project was to build a search engine that would help any one to find food recipes.

Who wanted to create an educational blog could use Edublog. The project allowed me to learn advanced stuff about WP multisite. 

"Design is so simple,
that's why it is so complicated."


I did some incredible work over years. Here is what people I worked with have to say about it.

He is always pushing himself and the others on the team to consider new approaches, streamline systems, and consider better tools and technologies. Silviu is a great creative designer and focused on delivering great results no matter the complexity of the project. He is an enormous asset to an organization.

Lavoie Rick

Creative Director

Silviu grew from a design role into a strong team leader who consistently delivered solutions to our many digital marketing demands. He was devoted to finding effective solutions that not only fit into our budget but all the various constraints the organization might be facing.

Fee Sue

Marketing Leader

The first thing you notice in the meetings is how serious he is about what he is going to work on. What I liked is that he challenged me and my ideas and then he started to think along in the new guidelines we found together and in the end took over the design project and came up with the right thing I needed. 

Vlad Bodi

Growth & Tech Marketing


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